Sivakumar, 2015: “I am very pleased with my experience. I have seen Dr. John A. DeBello, DPM and his partner Dr. McElvin Pope for few times this year for my foot and they are very thorough and very patient, answering all of my questions about new techniques and new types of foot treatments that are available. The front desk staff is very friendly. I had such a great experience. I would definitely go back and I highly recommend both the Podiatrists.”

Joseph, 2015: “Dr. Debello, the best foot man.”

Carlos, 2015: “Great visit!”

Mary Ann, 2014: “Dr. DeBello has done a terrific work and follow-up is impressive. Accessible and thorough. Did a great job on my girlfriend’s foot and I didn’t need to search further once I saw his care and attention to her recovery. Highly recommended.”

Margarita, 2014: “I’ve been a patient at Dr. Debello’s practice for several years now. My doctor is Dr. Francis. She is wonderful! I appreciate the attention and professionalism by which I am treated by both the office staff and the doctors. Thank you! :-)”

Jose, 2014: “Very caring and concerned about my foot problem. Explained to me very clear the process to follow for a prompt recovery.”

E, 2014: “xxooxox to the staff. They are friendly and respectful. The doctors really show very professional care of their patients.”

Carmen, 2014: “I went to Dr. De Bello’s office and I’m so glad I did. Very pleased with him and staff. He explained and detailed every step before and during treatment. The secretary and the medical assistant are so friendly. I’m still going for follow up and love it. :-)”

Bibiana, 2014: “Excellent Doctor – I was referred by my primary care doctor to see Dr. DeBello. First the girl on the phone told me they had early hours, I went just before work at 7:30 and the staff was pleasant. The doctor that saw me was very informative, and told me I had a bunion. He tried injections, physical therapy, the works!!! Finally I decided I needed to have surgery. The doctor explained everything that I needed it to know and the surgery took place. This practice is clean and very professional; overall I am very happy with my surgery results. Thanks!!!”

Maggie, 2014: “Dr Debello is a fantastic Doctor and a person that why he’s my Doc.”

Sanford, 2014: “I’ve been a patient of Dr. Debello’s office for many years. I am currently seeing Dr. Allen. The staff there is always professional and friendly. Dr. Allen has a smooth, friendly, insightful, and relaxing personality that makes you feel welcome and right at home. I also had a wonderful woman Dr. DeCoteau. I am blessed to be a patient there and I thank God for them.”

Benedicta, 2014: “Good and knowledgeable”

Susan, 2014: “Dr. DeBello was amazing!!!! He listened to everything I had to say concerning the pain in my foot and was really caring. I forgot the name of the other Doctor that was with him but he was also very nice and they both made me feel welcomed. I highly recommend this doctor to anyone. The receptionist was also extremely nice.”

Phyllis, 2014: “I saw Dr Allen and the visit went well!!! :))”

Brenda, 2014: “Awesome!”

Miriam, 2013: “They see you quickly, then talk to you for as long as it takes. Dr. DeCoteau don’t try to sell you anything you don’t want, or schedule you for a surgery you don’t need. I wanted to find out if I needed surgery for my bunion, or if I should just leave it alone. Wonder of wonders: the staff were efficient, and Dr.DeCoteau was nice, knowledgeable and prompt. She told me I didn’t need surgery.”

Dr. Nicola Pemberton, 2011: “Dr. Kordai DeCoteau helped me with a foot injury I sustained years ago. She was knowledgeable of her craft and efficient in her treatment. I have not had any problems with my foot since my encounter with her. She is extremely personable and gets along very well with her staff and patients. To me, these qualities in Dr. DeCoteau are what make her a great podiatrist. I would readily recommend her to my patients.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Lee Ann Almeida, 2011: “Kordai is a great doctor, very personable, patient and tells you how it is, which is something any patient would greatly appreciate. She started out as my doctor and now has become a friend. Thanks for everything Kordai!” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Dr. Anne Maitland, 2011: “Dr. DeCoteau addressed my injury promptly, provide expert advice to facilitate the healing process, and worked with my philosophy of care. Without reservation, I would recommend family and friends to her!” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Dr. Michelle Alexander, 2010: “Dr. DeCoteau is a wonderful, caring doctor who goes above and beyond the call of duty. I have witnessed this personally several times when she during her off times has taken the initiative to care for injured or sick individuals who were not her patients, opening her office and ensuring their well-being. I would chose her to care for myself or my family.”

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